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More Casino Games – Explore the Online Casino

In addition to Bingo, major online casinos also feature many other wildly popular games to play and bet on. The top Indian Online Casinos feature all major casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Jackpot Slots and Live Casino. Indian players online can also reap the benefits of this advanced online gaming system on-the-go with some sites offering mobile app technology to play on any device. Here we list a brief overview and key features of these popular casino games. Indian players should use this list to decipher which games match their betting style:


Since Blackjack’s infancy in 1931, players across the world have been taking high risks for a chance to win big in their race to 21 points. For some Blackjack is merely a game of chance. But some of the highest performing players see Blackjack as a strategic puzzle; planning out all possible odds and probabilities with the objective to draw enough cards to reach but not exceed 21 points before the dealer. This card game, in particular, has some of the best return to player wins. VIP high roller records have topped +90% depending on the Blackjack rules and variations. High performing casinos offer both regular and live Blackjack games. The minimum bets vary.


There are three common versions of Roulette; Dragon Jackpot Roulette, Spread-bet and Roulette Pro.

  • Dragon Jackpot Roulette has 37 numbered slots (0 – 36) compared to the traditional European style of 36. The 3D roulette wheel has fixed odds however players can also trigger Bonuses or Jackpot features.
  • Spread-bet Roulette is also a fixed-odds game with 37 numbered slots (0-36) on the outer wheel. The unique difference of Spread-bet is its inner wheel.  This second inner wheel has matching numbers gives players the ability to bet on multiple number ranges. Bets are made on the sums of the inner wheel and outer wheel.
  • Live Roulette takes the experience one step further by adopting the European layout with real live dealers to create a Roulette virtual reality. This method also gives players more strategies/options to bet on black/red or even/odd numbers in/out.

Jackpot Slot games

There are thousands of collections of Jackpot games to unlock and the prizes are notorious for being massive. These are highly interactive slot games with super quick spins, fast payouts, novel visual themes, free bonus spins and progressive Jackpots as players start to level up.

Live Casino

There are several benefits between Live vs automated gaming but it all comes down to player preferences. Live casino is the closest players can get to the tables without actually physically entering the casino. The artificial intelligence of the ‘live dealers’ is uncanny and gives an extra touch of authenticity. As an added bonus promotional offers are typically better on live betting platforms. Some sites even offer rebates on losses with certain slots and casino games. Live Casino also gives players access to exclusive online games that they may not have access to in mainstream casinos.