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Live Bingo – Get An Exciting and Authentic Experience Online

Although the rules and win methods are very much the same Live Bingo’s differentiating factor as it sounds, is played in real-time with real players and dealers aka ‘callers’ vs standard Online Bingo which is an automated platform. Live Bingo has many key advantages; it is more engaging, typically a higher-quality platform, allows players to socialise, play quicker game rounds and get access to bigger jackpot prizes for serious Indian players.

Higher-Quality Gaming Experience

Live Bingo offers more entertainment! Live gaming is typically more fun and engaging than standard bingo or other online casino games. The difference is that players feel more connected and invested in the games. The Live Bingo is a simulation like a virtual reality of physically being inside of a casino or Bingo room, with real callers and players with you in every game. Platforms which offer Live Bingo often typically have a higher quality and faster download platform due to the level of programming required to operate. 

Live Bingo Chat Rooms

Some Live Bingo sites offer live chat rooms and dashboards showing past winning bingo cards and player stats. The chat room gives players not only the ability to step out of isolation and socialize with other Indian and international players but also a level of status quo amongst the community, as players climb up the winning ranks. In addition, live chat gives the authenticity of gaining valuable insights from other players including;

  • Which Live Bingo games are most popular
  • Game tips and favourited bonus features
  • Seeing which players are active and inviting them to play
  • Exchanging banter and bragging rights
  • Getting recommendations for other popular games
  • Reading past reviews and feedback on gaming features
  • Live Q&A to help if troubleshooting or customer service is required

This social platform is a win-win for both players and operators. Players gain companions and operators gain live feedback to keep enhance future game features.

Live Bingo Disadvantages

Although Live Bingo games offer a truly unique value proposition there are some slight disadvantages to consider. Some disadvantages of Live Bingo include; lack of flexibility, higher entry cost, availability and game variety. Whilst Live Bingo offers more in terms of engagement and its unique user experience, Online Bingo offers more flexibility in terms of being able to play 24/7. Online Bingo typically has lower entry fees and more variety due to the number of online casinos offering Bingo and lower maintenance required to run. There are several online gaming casinos that offer Live Bingo however they are far less common than standard Online Bingo games due to availability of callers and players required to make games worth it.

Live Bingo Registration

Sites typically follow the same registration process to set up an account. Most sites may require deposits for credits to play. New players should also take advantage of welcome bonuses and/or free plays to ‘try before they buy’. This allows them to experience different platforms before they decide to invest time in one platform.