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Bingo Games – Many Exciting Versions of Bingo Online in India

Whilst there are two traditional methods to play Bingo (US and UK versions), since its infancy, different versions have been replicated in different nations and/or amongst different online casinos and even within communities offline. Below is a list of the most popular versions of Bingo available online:

US Bingo

The first and most traditional, where each player receives a ‘bingo card’ (or cards if playing multiple games). Each bingo card is divided into 5 lettered columns (B.I.N.G.O) and 5 numbered rows. Each card also contains a free space in the middle giving each player a total of 24 numbered squares on their grid to play. There are 75 balls/numbers which are picked at random in the same fashion as a lottery draw. Players win based on pattern sequences obtained from numbers picked from the draw.

UK Bingo a.k.a Tambola

The second most popular version of Bingo is the UK version which Indians refer to as Tambola. This version uses 90 numbers and 27 card numbers. Each card has 9 columns and 3 rows with five numbers and four free/blank spaces. Pattern sequences follow 1&2 lines and full house. Players win based on pattern sequences obtained from numbers picked from the draw.

Death Bingo

A reverse win theory where each person to get bingo is eliminated and the last player standing is declared the winner. Similar to the full house concept the objective is to try and cover the bingo card.

U-Pick’em Bingo

Players can pick up a ‘wild card’ to monitor numbers and alter wins in their favour. This game is played very similarly to Keno games.

Quick Shot Bingo

Players get the number combinations upfront and buy ‘sealed bingo cards’ which they then need to match against preselected numbers. Unlike the probability factor, Quick Shot requires strategic thinking to create the right pattern sequences. Ironically Quick Shot can be played over multiple days like a cricket match until the ultimate top-level prize is won.

Horse Racing Bingo

Players are issued numbers from 1 – 15 which need to match the top row of a bingo flashboard. The additional numbers are then drawn and the first player to have all five numbers in their column wins. This game is normally only limited to 15 players.

Themed Bingo

For players who love games that are a bit more playful like slots, players often find themed bingo games like Candy Bingo the most enjoyable. In Candy Bingo, for example, each player receives 4 cards with 15 numbers from 1 – 90. Betting is done in multiples of four credits (1 for each card) once bets are made and the game starts candy-themed numbers are dropped and marked on each matching card.

Free Bingo

‘Free to Play’ version of games to give players a taste of the action Because there are now many variations of Bingo online its important for Indian players to familiarise themselves with each associated game rules before playing as each card or bingo win pattern will differ.