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Bingo Bonus India – Introducing Online Bingo For Indian Players

Online Bingo is not a game of skill but a game of luck and probability. Fast becoming India’s favorite game of chance with an infinite amount of combinations likely to win. This site explores online Bingo variations, rules, regulations, bingo bonus, live features and payment methods available across major online Bingo and Casino platforms accessible to players in India. For each sub-category below this site will dive into more detail and offer recommendations, tips and features to assist players in finding their preferred Bingo experience. 

What is Bingo and how do you play?

The first ‘official’ Bingo games date back to early 1920 where the game was played at travelling carnivals throughout the USA. This US version is the most traditional format of Bingo and is now internationally popular, especially for India players.

Each player receives a ‘bingo card’ (or cards if playing multiple games). Each bingo card is divided into 5 lettered columns (B.I.N.G.O) and 5 numbered rows. The numbers in the rows are different on each card. Each corresponding letter has a range of 15 numbers ie. B=1-15, I=16-30, N=31-45, G=46-60, O=61-75. Each card also contains a shape or free space in the middle (normally a star) which is known as a blank or free space giving each player a total of 24 numbered squares on their grid to play with.

As there are 75 possible numbers to be picked there are traditionally 75 balls/numbers which are picked at random in the same fashion as a lottery draw. This is a game of chance because there is an endless possibility of Bingo combinations that can be selected from each drawing; 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible combinations to be exact!

How To win

As each Bingo number is selected each player marks or highlights the corresponding number on their card until numbers on their cards create a connecting winning pattern sequence ie. numbers in all four corners and/or numbers across left diagonal. Players are notified possible win patterns before each draw. The first players to reach the Bingo pattern wins. New bingo cards are dealt after each game. 

Different Types of Bingo

The “How-To-Play” section above explains the first standard and most traditional US Bingo version. Since its infancy, different versions have been replicated in different nations online and even still within communities offline. The most popular Bingo games among Indian players are listed below:

  • UK Bingo (referred to by Indians as Tambola): is the second most popular version of bingo. This version uses 90 balls and 27 card numbers. The card is rectangular with 9 columns and 3 rows. Rows have five numbers and four free spaces. Pattern sequences include 1&2 line and full house.
  • Death Bingo: A reverse win theory where each person to get bingo is eliminated and the last player standing is declared the winner
  • U-Pick’em Bingo: Players can pick up a ‘wild card’ to alter wins in their favor
  • Quick Shot Bingo: Players get the number combinations upfront and buy ‘sealed card parks’ to be the first to create the winning pattern
  • Themed Bingo: For Indian players who love games that are a bit more fun and playful like casino slots, players often find themed bingo games like Candy Bingo the most enjoyable. These games normally also have more unconventional win patterns, visual cues and rules.
  • Free Bingo: ‘Free to Play’ version of games to give players a taste of the action

Because there are now many variations of Bingo online its important for players to familiarize themselves with associated game rules before playing as each card or bingo win pattern will differ.

More Online Casino Games

In addition to Bingo, major online casino sites will also feature many other wildly popular games to play and bet on. Games including but not limited to; Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Keno, Poker, Live Casinos and many more.

What is a Bingo Bonus

Mini Bingo and Jackpot Bingo games offer progressive jackpots. In addition to main prizes players also have chances to win ‘line’ prizes. Look out for bonus patterns and popular gaming platforms will lead to bigger jackpots because there are more players gambling on each game.

What is Live Bingo?

Live Bingo or Live Tombala as many Indian players refer to it as, is played in real-time with real players and dealers. Live Bingo has many advantages; it allows Indian players to play multiple games at a time, socialize with other players, play quicker game rounds and get access to bigger jackpot prizes with more players.  Some sites offer live chat rooms and a dashboard of past winning numbers and games. There are several online gaming casinos that offer live bingo games in India.

Is Bingo Legal in India?

Firstly, it’s important to note this site can not make any legal implications, there are obvious risks associated with gambling and the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and the Federal Information Technology Act of 2011 still stand in India today. However a few states have chosen to enact their own local gambling regulations and the PGA does not stipulate ‘online gambling’ within its law, therefore, players have considered this slight loophole to have been conceived to counteract the laws in place to allow Indian players to enjoy Bingo and associated casino platforms online. Also depending on the format of Bingo played, this game can be classified as being a lottery and there are implicit distinctions between lottery and gambling methods.

Payment Methods for Bingo

Thankfully online Bingo can be enjoyed with as little as 0 – 75 rupees for some sites. Some online Bingo casinos offer free games to play however for serious players looking to make gains from games players should register for paid platforms and purchase game credits. Paid platforms normally require registration and deposits to play. All popular and reputable sites will have multiple payment methods for Bingo which are safe, secure and quick. Most Bingo Casinos will even accept Indian rupees for easy and quick currency conversion. Some online Bingo casinos also offer pre-buy games so players don’t miss out on upcoming bingo games